• Institution

    "Thank you so much, we sincerely value your program”
    Supreet Kaur, PT Foundation

    "Thanks for your persistence with our kids. They really need this. I hope we can continue to work together."
    Mark Bayoud, Al –Ikhlas School

  • Volunteers

    "After the sandwork process I encountered problems that I was able to deal with better than before, because I could assist myself just like I had assisted the child during sandwork."
    Bank employee

    "I feel that we have participated in a process that transcends realities. We are no longer the same as before."

    "Many times I wondered: Who has been helped by whom?"

    "The group as a container was fundamental in all the aspects that are only perceived from within. It is a group energy that can not be expressed in words"
    Social worker

  • Parents

    "My child is happier and less rebellious after your program."

    "I love your method of play, my child looks forward to coming every week and its working- she is changing to be a better person.”

    "My child is less afraid and brave to speak up for herself.”

    "My child has less tantrums now.”

    "My child looks forward to coming to the center now and she is more cheerful.”


Even a small donation can help a lost child.
Auch eine kleine Spende kann einem verlorenen Kind helfen.
Anche una piccola donazione può aiutare un bambino perso.
Même un tout petit don peut aider un enfant perdu.

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